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What We Do?


For over 170 years, the Rockton Agricultural Society and its members have encouraged an awareness of agriculture and rural living and promoted improvements in the quality of life of persons living in our agricultural community. 

As a Society we raise awareness through Agricultural education and entertainment, which includes our signature annual Rockton World’s Fair.  

We engage and support our community members of all ages to become members and work together to offer events, fundraisers and learning opportunities.  

Junior members are provided opportunities to work together, build community relationships, learn new skills, and earn high-school volunteer hours.

Associate members are provided with opportunities to share their knowledge and skills, connect with their community, support, and guide the various events and activities hosted through our Society. 

How Do I Learn More About Being a Society Member?


To better understand the role our Society plays within our community and what is means to become a member, please contact our General Manager to discuss at or call the office at 519-647-2502

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