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Outdoor Concessions - Food Vendors

Concessions Inc. – Roasted Corn

Contact Name: Harrison Swift

Phone: 647-338-0491

Roasted Corn


Contact Name: Ruben

Phone: 647-853-3445

Maple fried chicken sandwich, fish tacos, poutine

C. C. Concessions

Contact Name: Victor Vetro

Phone: 416-820-1258

Fries, Poutine, Corndogs, Burgers, chicken, pretzels

Outdoor Concessions - Non-Food Vendors

Eastern Silk

Contact Name: Min Ruan

Phone: 226-220-4830

Toys, scarves, japanese scares and parasols

Neil’s Real Deal

Contact Name: Neil Sadler

Phone: 905-617-2166

Hot Pepper Sauce, BBQ Sauce

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