1883 – 1892

October 13, 1886: At the Fair, Oak Hall of Hamilton sponsored a Churning Match for unmarried women under 25 years of age. The standard by which competitors were judged included quickness, cleanliness, and quality of butter.

Best Butter Making received a silver tea-service from Oak Hall.

1888: The Society reached 280 members and the Fair received 2,396 entries. They abolished the Drill Shed entrance fee and, instead, charged visitors at the entrance to the show grounds.

1890: The Society increased the admission fee to 25¢.

They introduced “Exhibition of Speed” with two sections: Special Trotting Race (open to the World) and Trotting Race (open to Beverly Township only). Fair-goers watched the events in the Horse Ring.

1891: The Society hosted the Fair for two days instead of one.

North Beverly and South Beverly competed in a Tug of War contest with William McClure leading the North and Alex Ironside leading the South. Twelve men on each side, best 2 in 3, First prize $6.00, Second prize $3.00.

1892: In Cattle, the Society added Class 16 “Holsteins” and Class 17 “Jerseys.”

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