1923 – 1932

1923: Poet Robert Kirkland Kernighan, also known as “The Khan,” attended the Fair this year.

1925: The Society devoted a section to The Junior Farmers, The Junior institute, and a combined class for “Junior Institute and Junior Farmers’

Wentworth Juniors’ Exhibit in Co-operation with the Rockton Agricultural Society, Entry cost 40¢

Junior Institute: Best Work Apron, Best Three Cans of Fruit (raspberries, cherries, peaches or plums), Best Layer Cake (light, 2 layers), Best Lemon Pie, and Girls’ Driving Contest.

Junior Farmers: Dairy Calf Heifer (under one year), Beef Calf (under one year), Pair of Bacon Hogs, and Pair of Lambs.

Junior Institute and Junior Farmers: Three hens, heavy breed, and Three hens, light breed.

1929: New: Junior Department – “This is a department which we have created to make a connecting link between the School Fair and the Fall Fair. We hope that all School Fair exhibitors will compete and also those who have left the Rural School, whether they are at home on the Farm or attending Collegiate or High School, will become exhibitors at the World’s Fair, Rockton. From the experience that you have gained in the School Fair work we believe that you should be able to continue just one step further.”

Rules: The classes are open to competitors 17 years and under and there must be a membership in the family. Examples of Classes in the Junior Department included 2 pecks fall wheat, 5 barlett pears, layer cake, School lunch for one, one pound of maple cream, best collection of insects, boys riding contest, girls riding contest, strathcona exercises, and spelling contest.

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