1933 – 1942

1934: The name of the Society changed to the “North Wentworth Agricultural Society”

Construction of new gates, new entrances, and new Secretary’s office.

1935: The Society paid the $2.00 affiliation fee and joined the Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies (OAAS).

1936: The Women’s Institute started a display competition open to Women’s Institutes of North Wentworth. The display required, among other things, 1 cotton dress, 1 cotton quilt, 1 hooked mat of wool, and 1 pair of pillow slips.

1940: First year that a female was appointed as a Director in Charge of the Home Department, although a male director still sat on the committee. Rosetta (nee Mulholland) Jackson, wife of George Wellington Jackson, chaired the Food Division, Harriet Eliza (nee Plastow) Vansickle, wife of Sidney C. Vansickle (1873-1947), ran the Clothing Division, and Barbara Wray chaired the Homecraft Division.

1941: Cattle barns, and sheep and hog pens moved to the Centre Ring.

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