1943 – 1952

1943-1944: Society members organized a Ladies’ Division. Twelve “Lady Directors” including Sarah Thompson, Dorothy Jamieson, Rosetta Jackson, Cecelia Whetham, and Grace Harris. In April 1944, they selected Bella McDonough as President, Janet Shellard as Vice-President, and Agnes McKnight as Secretary.

1944: The Society purchased the Brousse and Miller properties, and the Elsie Henderson’s portion of property.

1945: Grandstand constructed (but not painted) for $1,222.51.

1946: Society members sponsored a School Fair and appointed a committee of nine and awarded a budget of $300.

1948: The Society constructed a new cattle barn (28 x 100 feet) for a cost of $1,830.

1949: The Society raised the Fair’s admission fee to 35¢.

1951: The Society hired Sammy Arrigo and Big A Amusements to bring 5 mechanical rides to the Fair.

General Admission Fee 50¢.

1952: The Society received the rating of Class “B” Fair.

Centennial Pylon erected to commemorate one hundred years of continuous service to agriculture and education.

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